Saturday, April 2, 2022

Welcome to Flush Fiction: Tales for the Head!

    Welcome to Flush Fiction! The stories here are just a small sample of the stories in my complete Flush Fiction collection.
    These stories were written with those short, annoying chunks of time we all have to deal with almost daily in mind. 
    On the bus, at the doctor's office, in the john, anywhere you wind up sitting and waiting... and waiting... and just want something random to rest your eyes on.
    Why not pass those times with a little light, yet heavy reading? Mystery or murder, mayhem or the macabre. Even some heart-warming and heart-breaking fables as well. Flush Fiction has it all. 
    If you're going somewhere but getting nowhere, or if you're just sitting there just going. These stories can help you pass that time in a flush!
    So as way of jump starting some new story ideas, I'm asking all of you to challenge and inspire me by suggesting a title.
    "The Rusty Car" "Big Dreams"... any phrase or sentence that comes to mind. If you think it might contain a good story, post it here. I can't promise to take every suggestion and bring it to life... but then again, you just might help me write the best story ever.
    In the meantime read and enjoy the stories posted here, And please, post a comment or send me an email and let me know what you liked or didn't like about the stories,