Saturday, April 2, 2022

Welcome to Flush Fiction: Tales for the Head!

 Welcome to Flush Fiction! 

The stories here are just a small sample of the stories in my complete Flush Fiction collection.

These stories were written with those short, annoying chunks of time we all have to deal with almost daily in mind.

On the bus, at the doctor's office, in the john, anywhere you wind up sitting and waiting... and waiting... and just want something random to rest your eyes on.

Why not pass those times with a little light, yet heavy reading? Mystery or murder, mayhem or the macabre. Even some heart-warming and heart-breaking fables as well. Flush Fiction has it all. 

If you're going somewhere but getting nowhere, or if you're just sitting there just going. These stories can help you pass that time in a flush!

In the meantime, when you have the time, read and enjoy my stories.

And please, post a comment or send me an email and let me know what you liked or didn't like about any or all of the content here at Flush Fiction.

A Pinch of Paula

A Pinch of Paula 

      Jack Slab worked diligently as he prepared his meat while waiting until his custom grill was at just the right temperature. For six years he was the reigning champion at the “Mid-States BBQ and Grillin’ Showdown.” He fully expected to hold his title this year as well. He had developed a new technique and array of special new “spices” that brought his flavors to another level. His success wasn’t all because of his cooking skills. A lot of it was all because of Paula.

       Paula was his culinary muse. Her belief in him was the reason for his success. Her love inspired some of the greatest recipes a chef could hope for. She loved his cooking, his style and especially his “secret” seasoning. She introduced him to all her upscale friends who were eager to try something new. They all raved about his menus and his business took off. She was the catalyst that launched his career.

      He started out as a teenager working in the kitchen of a popular bar and grill doing anything and everything they needed. He learned his way around the kitchen and showed some talent when it came to preparing the BBQ meats. One of his jobs was to prepare the meat for the next day. He was responsible for mixing the ingredients that made up the “World Famous,” dry rub used to flavor the assorted roasts and slabs of ribs

       Using various “secret” spices he combined them together in a closely guarded recipe that gave his dry rub a unique smoky flavor that had become a local legend.

      As he perfected the recipe customers began to compliment him and would line up when he was working the kitchen. His bosses noticed and soon he was making more money than most of the staff. Eventually he started thinking about having a place of his own. It wasn’t until he met Paula that he started to turn his dream into reality.

      Paula was a regular customer who always insisted on complimenting him personally. She was close in age and seemed to enjoy some playful flirting. They had become casual friends and talked often about random subjects. When he told her about his plans to open his own place he was surprised when she offered to back him financially.

      He graciously declined her first offer being reluctant to perhaps take advantage of a good natured but inexperienced investor. It was after she persisted and proved that she had the financial means and the business experience that he agreed to become partners.

      At first she was content to leave the kitchen management to Jack and focused on the customer end. It wasn’t long before Paula began to inject herself into the food operations of their restaurant and Jack began to feel pressured by her constant questioning when it came to how he prepared his recipes. Eventually she asked him to commit his “secret” ingredients to paper so that in the event of his being unable to fulfill his role as chef the recipe would be accessible.

      Jack refused to reveal his recipes no matter how often and how hard Paula tried to persuade him. When she finally threatened to pull her financial support unless he provided his secrets Jack was put in a desperate situation. If he didn’t share his secrets he would lose his business. If he did he might very well lose a lot more.

      He invited Paula to his home for a meal he would cook just for her and then they would discuss the terms of her demands. As they enjoyed the special meal he took the time to reminisce about his early days as a chef and how he created his secret recipe.

      His skill as a chef was surpassed only by his talent as a serial killer. After his first kill he panicked when it came to how to dispose of the body. He managed to dismember the body and bury the pieces in woods far from his home but it proved to be a tiring and difficult task. It took a long time to focus on the problem at hand. If he was going to go around killing people he needed to figure out what to do with the body. He worked in a BBQ restaurant that had large ovens that could burn anything put in it completely. In the end he decided to burn the bodies to ashes. He even devised a plan to get rid of the ashes.

      It became the signature conclusion to every kill he made over the last decade. He would incinerate the remains in the restaurant’s furnace at night. He would then take the ashes and mix them into the dry rub ingredients. As he refined his recipe he learned just which cut of meat from his victims added the most flavors.

      It was no problem to take the ashes from the best cuts of Paula to work and mix her in along with the other secret recipe ingredients. He already had his victory speech written in anticipation of winning his seventh title. Jack smiled as he added another pinch of Paula.