Sunday, December 31, 2017

Stolen Moments

Stolen Moments

By Michael Cannata

He could still taste her goodnight kiss on his lips. It was a sloppy, wet kiss but it still made his heart race. His mood dropped from sheer happiness to utter despair as the door closed. He might get to see her next weekend. But they could never really be sure when the next time would come and they could steal a few precious moments to be together.

They had spent the last four years getting to know each other. Spending every chance they got together. The love between them had grown so great that at times just being with her left him breathless. It was as though he had lived in this world all his life, but until he met her, he had never really explored it. Every day they spent together she showed him something he had seen a thousand times before in a new and wondrous light.

But differences between their families had suddenly turned ugly. He was no longer welcomed at her home. Her mother had reached a point where her anger was out of control. He was forbidden to see her ever again.

His parents had also taken a strong dislike to her mother. They felt that she was being outrageously cruel. Their son was a good man. He loved her daughter with all his heart. Her decision to treat him in such a callous manner was horrible.

Fortunately, her aunt had decided that what was happening was too wrong to be ignored. When her niece came over to visit, the aunt would call him. Once the coast was clear, he would rush over and they would run into each other’s arms, holding each other so tightly that breathing was almost impossible. They would spend the evening walking, holding hands and talking about what had happened while they were apart. Sometimes they would drive around or just sit and snuggle while they watched a movie until it was time for him to leave again.

After the sad and tearful kiss goodnight, the door closed and the pain would come back. Again he would be alone. The ache in his heart wouldn’t ease until they could steal a few more hours. It was then that the resentment he felt for his ex-wife was the worst.

He could feel his heart breaking again. The same way it felt every time he had to sneak away like some thief in the night. He treasured all these stolen moments. He would recall every memory of their time together until they could be together again. The tears fell as he walked back to his car.

A father should never have to suffer such pain just to be with his child.

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