Friday, September 29, 2017


By Michael Cannata  

Nothing seemed real anymore. He had been living a terrible dream for such a long time. He looked curiously at the gun in his hand. It seemed real enough, yet he had no idea where he got it. Based on the damage it had done, it was both very real and very deadly. The bodies that littered the halls would attest to that, if they could.

He tried to focus, there was a possibility he just might be imagining all this. He had lost his grip on reality some time ago. Killing people at random was not like him at all. He felt very light-headed and disconnected. Who was he? How the hell had this happened?

He’d given his entire life to the company! He had more than a few chances to move on to other opportunities. He possessed a very valuable skill set. Each time, his company had fought to keep him. In the end, he stayed because it wasn’t money that mattered. It was the security. His company considered him an asset! He was only a few years from a pension.

Unannounced, a year ago, after 27 years, he was laid-off.  And that was when reality was lost. His family depended on him, and he depended on that job. Everything depended on his job! He had two mortgages and two kids in college. It was too late to start his life over! He had plans! He still had dreams! And now all that was gone.

His security, his life, had been nothing but an illusion. He knew that now. His job was his life! The family he had loved wasn’t just partners, they were dependants. Now he had no way to provide for them.

He came to the office to plead for his job but he never got the chance. Security was called before he got past the front desk. Why? He had never hurt anyone in his life! He pleaded for them to listen as he fired his weapon at anyone that came into his field of vision.

He considered whether he should kill himself or just wake up. He wasn’t afraid of dying; it was waking up that terrified him. The last thing he wanted to do was wake up. Reality was just too much too bear anymore.

He put the gun to his head and pictured the illusion that had once been his life.

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