Thursday, September 28, 2017

The Sandman

The Sandman
By Michael Cannata  

On the street they called him “The Sandman,” because he put people to sleep… permanently. Miss a couple of payments, the leg breakers drop by. Miss a whole bunch of payments; you got a visit from the Sandman. Legend had it he loved killing people in their sleep.

No one knew how he killed them. No one ever saw him. There was never any trace of forced entry. Not a sound was heard. The victims were always found lying in their bed; looking like they were just sleeping peacefully.

The rumors had already reached, Frank. He was going to get a visit very soon. His last couple of bets really put him in a hole. One he couldn’t get out of. As soon as he heard he was the next victim he went to his brother, the only person he could trust. He borrowed as much money as possible, cleaned out his accounts and left town on the first bus.

He sat waiting anxiously in a small, one horse town to begin the next leg of his journey to Las Vegas. He tried to take his mind off his troubles. Not exactly an easy thing in a small town surrounded by sand and desert. It would be hours before his bus left. He eyed a couple of hookers lingering near the station that looked inviting. He decided to pass the time indulging his next biggest weakness, getting laid.

He nodded to the best looking of the two and was soon following her to a room nearby. It was going to cost him a lot more than he expected for a small town hooker, but she was too hot to pass up. Besides, he still had plenty of money left. He would make it back at the tables in Vegas in no time.

Once in the room the hooker started to undress. “Get naked and hop on the bed, honey,” she ordered in a husky voice. "I’m gonna do you like there’s no tomorrow."

            "Damn!" he thought to himself. He loved a girl that loved her work. He shed his clothes quickly, climbing into bed as she went to put the chain lock on the door.

She climbed into bed and wrapped her arms around him pulling him close. She pressed her lips against his ear sighing with breathy passion. “I like to fuck almost as much as I like to fuck people up. “ 

He stopped kissing her neck as the meaning of her words sank in. He felt a sharp pain on the back of his neck. The small ice-pick pierced deeply into his brain stem. He never even got to scream. The Sandman's voice was cold as steel as he heard her whisper into his dying ear.

            “After we persuaded your brother to tell us where you were headed, he gave us a message to give to you, Frankie boy… don’t worry about paying his loan back either.”

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