Tuesday, February 13, 2018

What Did He Say?

What Did He Say?
By Michael Cannata

"Everything is all arranged, Mr. O'Bryan, all you need to do is to enter the approval code and push that 'ENTER' key."

Brian Devlin could barely keep a straight face as he waited for his client to do as instructed.

            'Oh man… sometimes I even surprise myself. How do I lie this easily, with such a straight face? How do I mange to look like I'm swearing to God when I don't mean a damn thing I say?'

"You know everything there is to know Mr. O'Bryan. All you need to do now is make a decision.  Just do what we talked about, I'll be rich and you'll be a much richer and more powerful man.

            'Great! He's laughing. Keep smiling you idiot. I'll be the one laughing later… all the way to the bank.'

"We've spent almost a month going over all the details," Devlin explained, again.

 "This investment is going to be the smartest move you ever make. This software program is going to make us more money than a printer at the U.S. Mint! We're both going to be more than rich! I just wish I was going to make as much as you! Haha! But I'm a happy man. I was only hoping to sell the software to you. You're doing me a big favor letting me get in on it."

            'Just a little more bullshit and this guy is mine!' Devlin thought to himself. 'The chump is chomping at the proverbial bit to get this plan started. I'm going to take him for millions before he even gets home. Look at him, he's practically drooling! Guys like him have one thing in common, they never have enough.'

"It's a lot of money, Mr. Devlin." Mr. O'Bryan said cautiously. "Before I sign off, I need you to remind me once again how much return I can expect. And then you're going to sign this promise committing yourself to that return. It's a little more… ah, specific. Unfortunately, my lawyers insist you agree to it. I know it's a last minute wrinkle, but I'm sure you'll have no problem signing, assuming everything's on the up and up as you explained."

Devlin's face never flinched.

            'I can’t believe this guy is going to pull this amateur maneuver. What bullshit! I'll sign your ass with lipstick if it gets you to finish this up.'

"I have no problem signing anything that will make you feel more secure in this deal. I'm sure of my figures and I'm sure of our chances.

"But as you know, Mr. O'Bryan, timing is critical. It’s a 30 day cycle. We move the money around the way the program recommends and in a month we'll double our investment at the minimum. It's imperative that we start buying in 20 hours. You need to make the transfer today so everything can start as planned at midnight.

"This is the opportunity of a lifetime. Ain't technology something? None of this was even possible 10 years ago."

Devlin watched as his client, actually pigeon was more like it, picked up the contract again.

            'If this clown doesn't sign this in the next hour I am screwed! Come on, you greedy, fucking pig. It's only 10 million, you've got billions. My flight is practically waiting. Once you approve the contract and push the "ENTER" button the ball starts rolling! Come on!'

"I'm gonna take a chance with your investment, Mr. Devlin. Just remember, I'm risking my money, but you're risking your life. You understand what I'm saying?" The threat in Mr. O'Bryan's voice was unmistakable.

"I'll have people tracking you 24/7. If this deal starts going bad, it will be very bad for you and that lovely family of yours."

            'You stupid, arrogant asshole!' Devlin screamed to himself.

            "You think you're so fucking smart… so savvy. I fucked your wife you sap! She's meeting me on the island. Once I leave this building, the guy you know ceases to exist. I'll disappear from the face of the digital earth. Plastic surgery will change my real face.'

"They can ride in my car for the next month, Mr. O'Bryan," Devlin promised.  "I'm not going anywhere and neither is my family. I know the price I might pay, but I know how much we can make too. It's not going to cost us anything. And it's sure not going to cost me my life."

            'Well, that's not entirely true. It's not going to cost ME anything. YOU on the other hand, are about to lose 100 million dollars. You might think you're only investing ten. Technology is so damned powerful.'

            Devlin was tired of listening to this guy. But suddenly O'Bryan's tone changed.

'What?  What is he prattling about now?' Devlin's thoughts became confused. 'Just hit the enter button you asshole!'

"By the way, Mr. Devlin, my wife asked me to say hello and extend her regrets," Mr. O'Bryan said coolly as he put the contract back on the desk. "She's sorry to have me tell you that she won't be meeting you tomorrow.  She knew you'd be worried if you weren't told, you being an extra close friend and all."

'Wha… what did he say?' Devlin's mind was racing now.

'What did he say? How could…? Guns? Holy shit!'

"Wait a minute, Mr. O'Bryan," Devlin pleaded. "Please… I can explain."

            "Wait… WAIT!"

            Before he knew what to think, Mr. O'Bryan's driver fired two bullets into the thoughts of the former Mr. Devlin.

"OK, Ricky. Let's get this mess cleaned up. The wife should be awake by the time I get home. I think I'm gonna get very, very lucky tonight. Ha! Haaaah hahahaha!"

"Right away, Mr. O'Bryan, I'll take it from here"

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